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The mobile-friendly part of the site is under development and will always be much more limited than this desktop area, but it already contains our translation of the Bible in an easily accessible way.

The name of this site is taken from Ephesians 1:21. The standpoint is one of belief in the inspiration by God of all Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16) and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is God manifest in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16, almost all Greek manuscripts), and Who, thanks to His sacrifice, gives believers resurrection life (John 11:25) and forgiveness of sins (Romans 3:24-25) and more. Although we have chosen a .com domain name, we are not commercial. Everything on this website is free and we do not ask for donations. We have a complete translation of The New Testament in the Original Greek, Byzantine Textform, edited by Robinson and Pierpont. We also have a complete translation of the Old Testament/Tanakh. The translations are considered serviceable, but are subject to ongoing review.

We put emphasis on the following:

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