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Count Your Blessings

Part 11

Blessing 19. REDEMPTION

Redemption is likened to the forgiveness of transgressions (compare blessing number 2). In Him (the One God loves, Jesus Christ) we have

redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of transgressions, according to the richness of his grace, [Eph 1:7]

In Old Testament times, the Israelites were often “redeemed” when they were in a sticky situation. Here are some examples:

The Israelites were redeemed from bondage in Egypt - God said

I will redeem you with an outstretched arm [Ex 6:6]

and did just that.

In the book of Ruth, Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth had some land redeemed by Boaz, (Ruth 4:7-10). and in the same transaction Ruth became Boaz's wife and the family name was not struck off the registry records (i.e. the name of Elimelech Noami's late husband, and Chilion and Mahlon her late sons). In this way Ruth entered into the line of decent to Christ; she was king David's great-grandmother.

David was also redeemed, or delivered, out of difficulties, e.g. 2 Sam 4:9.

Israel will be redeemed from their sins:

O Israel, await the LORD,
For with the LORD there is kindness,
And with him there is much redemption
And he will redeem Israel
From all its iniquities. [Ps 130:7-8]

We have the same problem - sin. Redemption from this particular sticky situation is called forgiveness of sins, which we have already seen (blessing Nr. 2). Redemption is the act or process that achieves the forgiveness of sins, and we are reminded of the horrific price that had to be paid by the phrase “through his blood” (Eph 1:7).

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