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Jeremiah Chapter 2

1And the word of the Lord came to me and said, 2“Go and proclaim in Jerusalem's ears and say, ‘This is what the Lord says:

«I remember your kindness in your youth,

Your love in your bridal state

The fact that you walked after me in the desert,

In an uncultivated land.

3Israel is holy to the Lord

As are the firstfruits of its produce.

All who eat it will be guilty.

Evil will come upon them,

Says the Lord.» ’ ”

4Hear the word of the Lord,

O house of Jacob,

And all you families

Of the house of Israel.

5This is what the Lord says:

“What iniquity did your fathers find in me?

For they have distanced themselves from me,

And have followed vanity,

And have acted vainly.

6And they did not say,

‘Where is the Lord

Who brought us up out of the land of Egypt?

– Who led us in the desert,

In an arid and sunken land,

In a land of drought

And a shadow of death,

Through a land through which no man crosses

And where no man dwells.’

7And I brought you into a cultivable land,

To eat its fruit and its good produce,

But you came and defiled my land,

And you made my inheritance an abomination.

8The priests did not say,

‘Where is the Lord?’

Those who administered the law did not know me,

And the pastors have transgressed against me,

And the prophets have prophesied through Baal,

And they have walked after things

Which do not benefit anyone.

9That is why I will still contend with you,

Says the Lord,

And I will contend

With your sons' sons.

10For pass through the coastlands of Chittim and see,

And send men to Kedar to observe well,

And see whether it is like this.

11Does a nation change its gods?

But they are not gods.

Yet my people have changed my honour

For what will not benefit anyone.

12O heavens, be astonished at this,

And shudder and be very astounded,

Says the Lord.

13For my people have committed two evil acts;

They have forsaken me

– The source of living water –

For hewing cisterns out for themselves,

Broken cisterns

Which will not hold the water.

14Is Israel a servant?

Or is he a homeborn slave?

Why has he become a target of spoil?

15Young lions roar at him;

They made their sound,

And they laid his land waste.

His cities were burned down,

Leaving no inhabitant.

16Also the sons of Noph and Tahpanhes

Have shaved your scalp.

17Are you not doing this to yourself

By your forsaking the Lord your God,

At the time when he is leading you

On your way?

18So now, what do you have to do with Egypt's way,

With drinking the waters of Sihor?

And what do you have to do with Assyria's way,

With drinking the waters of the river?

19Your wickedness will discipline you,

And your acts of apostasy will reprove you,

So know and see that your forsaking the Lord your God

Is evil and bitter,

And there is no fear of me in you,

Says my Lord the Lord of hosts.

20For I broke your yoke long ago,

And detached your fetters,

But you said, ‘I will not serve you’,

For you wander around committing prostitution

On every high hill

And under every luxuriant tree.

21Yet I planted you as a choice vine,

All of it being a true seed,

But how you have turned against me,

You who turn aside to become a foreign vine.

22Even if you wash with soda ash,

And you apply much soap to yourself,

Your iniquity is a stain before me,

Says my Lord the Lord.

23How can you say,

‘I am not defiled;

I have not gone after the Baalim’?

Look at your way in the valley

And know what you have done.

You are a swift young she-camel,

Devious in her ways.

24A wild donkey is accustomed to the desert;

In her feeling of desire

She draws in breath.

As for her passion,

Who can turn it back?

None who seek her become weary;

In her mating season they find her.

25Keep your feet from being barefoot,

And your throat from thirst.

But you said, ‘It is desperate.

No, for I love foreigners

And I will go after them.’

26Like the shame of a thief when he is caught,

So will the house of Israel be ashamed

– They, their kings, their officials,

And their priests and their prophets,

27Who say to the wood,

‘You are my father’,

And to the stone,

‘You gave birth to me.’

For they have turned their back on me

And not their face,

But in their time of trouble, they say,

‘Arise and save us.’

28Now where are your gods which you have made for yourself?

Let them arise if they can save you in your time of trouble,

For your gods are as the number of your cities,

O Judah.

29Why do you contend with me?

You have all transgressed against me,

Says the Lord.

30I have struck your sons in vain;

They do not take discipline.

Your sword has devoured your prophets,

Like a rampaging lion.

31O generation,

See the word of the Lord.

Have I been a desert to Israel?

Or a land of great darkness?

Why do my people say,

‘We rove around,

We will not come to you any more’?

32Can a virgin forget her ornaments?

Or a bride her girdles?

But my people have forgotten me,

For innumerable days.

33How well you go your way in seeking love!

That is why you have also taught bad women

Your ways.

34Also on your skirts is found

The blood of the lives of the innocent poor.

I did not find it by dint of an investigation,

For it is abundantly evident on all these skirts.

35But you say,

‘As I am innocent,

Surely his anger will recede from me.’

But I am about to contend with you about your saying,

‘I have not sinned.’

36How you exhaust yourself changing your way!

You will also be put to shame by Egypt,

As you were put to shame by Assyria.

37You will also come out of this

With your hands on your head.

For the Lord has rejected your trusted allies,

And you will not succeed with them.