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Jeremiah Chapter 10

1Hear the word which the Lord has spoken to you, O house of Israel. 2“This is what the Lord says:

‘Do not learn the ways of the Gentiles,

And do not be afraid of signs in the sky,

For the Gentiles are afraid of them.

3For the customs of the various peoples are vain,

For it is a tree of the forest which a person cuts down,

And becomes the work of the hands of a craftsman

With a chisel.

4He beautifies it with silver and with gold,

And they strengthen it with nails and with hammers,

So that it is not fragile.

5They are like a rigid post,

And they do not speak.

They need to be carried

Because they cannot walk.

Do not fear them,

For they cannot do harm,

And neither can they do any good.’ ”

6Seeing that there is no-one like you, O Lord,

You are great,

And your name is great in might.

7Who does not fear you,

O king of the nations?

For it is fitting for you,

In that among all the wise men of the nations

And in all their kingdoms,

There is no-one like you.

8They are at the same time vulgar and foolish;

For instruction in vain things,

They have a piece of wood.

9Beaten silver is brought from Tarshish,

And gold from Uphaz,

The work of the craftsman and the hands of the refiner,

The blue and the purple material for their clothing

– They are all the work of skilled men.

10But the Lord God is truthful;

He is the living God

And the age-abiding king.

At his anger, the earth trembles;

The nations cannot endure his indignation.

11You shall say this to them: “The gods which did not make the heavens and the earth will perish from the earth and from below these heavens.

12He is the maker of the earth by his power

– The preparer of the world by his wisdom –

Who stretched out the heavens

With his understanding.

13When he sounds his voice,

There is roaring of water in the sky,

And he makes vapours rise from the ends of the earth.

He produces lightning with the rain,

And he brings wind out of his storehouses.

14Every man has become deficient in knowledge;

Every metalsmith has become ashamed of the idol,

For his cast figure is a false thing,

And there is no spirit in them.

15They are vanity

– A work based on delusions.

At the time of their visitation,

They will perish.

16Such is not the portion of Jacob,

Rather, it is he who is the fashioner of everything,

And Israel is the sceptre of his inheritance;

The Lord of hosts is his name.”

17Collect up your belongings

And take them away from the land,

You who dwell in the fortification.

18For this is what the Lord says:

“I am about to sling out

The inhabitants of the land at this time,

And I will cause them distress,

In order that they may encounter it.”

19Woe is me for my demise,

My wound is morbid,

And I have said,

“This really is a calamity

Which I shall bear.”

20My tent has been plundered,

And all my guylines have been detached.

My sons have gone away from me,

And they are not to be found,

And there is no-one pitching my tent any more,

Or setting up my encampment.

21For the shepherds have become callous,

And they have not sought the Lord,

Which is why they have not acted prudently,

And all their flock has been scattered.

22You will find that a report of a rumour is coming,

And a great tumult from the land of the north,

To make the cities of Judah a desolation

– A dwelling place for jackals.

23I know, O Lord,

That it is not for man to determine his way;

It is not for man when walking

To direct his own steps.

24Discipline me, O Lord,

But with justice;

Not in your anger,

So that you do not diminish me.

25Pour out your wrath on the Gentiles

Who have not known you,

And on the families

Who have not called on your name,

For they have devoured Jacob

And devoured him more,

And made an end of him,

And have devastated his abode.

Reference(s) in Chapter 10: v.7 ↔ Revelation 15:4.