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Jeremiah Chapter 48

1To Moab, this is what the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, says:

“Woe to Nebo,

For it has been devastated.

Kirjathaim has been put to shame and captured.

Misgab has been put to shame,

And is in disarray.

2There is no more praising of Moab.

In Heshbon they have plotted harm against it, saying,

‘Come, let us cut it off from being a nation.’

City of Madmen, you will also be reduced to silence;

The sword will come after you.

3There is a sound of shouting from Horonaim,

Of violence and large scale wreckage.

4Moab has collapsed;

Her young ones have uttered a shout.

5For in the ascent of Luhith,

Weeping upon weeping will arise.

For at the descent of Horonaim,

The distressing shout of destruction was heard.

6Take flight,

Save your life,

And be like a leafless tree

In the desert.

7For since your trust is in your works and your treasures,

You too will be captured,

And Chemosh will go into exile

– Its priests and its officials together.

8The plunderer will go to every city,

And no city will escape,

And the valley will be lost,

And the plain will be laid waste,

According to what the Lord says.

9Give Moab plumage,

For it urgently needs to take flight,

And its cities will be a desolation,

Without any inhabitant left in them.

10Cursed is he who does the Lord's work remissly,

And cursed is he who withholds his sword from blood.

11Moab has been at ease since its youth,

And it has been resting on its lees,

And has not been emptied from jar to jar,

And has not gone into exile,

Which is why its original taste remains,

And its smell is unchanged,

12Therefore, behold, the days are coming,

Says the Lord,

When I will send tilters who will tilt it,

And empty its jars,

And burst their wineskins.

13And Moab will be ashamed of Chemosh,

As the house of Israel was ashamed of Beth-el,

Their object of confidence.

14How can you say,

‘We are valiant men

And warriors ready for war?’

15Moab has been plundered

And its cities have gone up in flames,

And the elite of its youths have gone down to face slaughter,

Says the king

– The Lord of hosts is his name.

16The downfall of Moab is close to coming,

And its demise is hastening fast.

17Bewail it,

All who are around it,

And all who know its name.

Say, ‘How the strong staff has been broken

– The magnificent rod.’

18Come down from glory,

And dwell in thirst,

You daughter who dwells in Dibon,

For the despoiler of Moab has come up against you,

And will sack your fortresses.

19Stand on the road and keep watch,

You inhabitant of Aroer.

Ask a fugitive and one who has escaped,

And say, ‘What has happened?’

20Moab has been put to shame,

For it is in disarray,

Wail and cry out

And report in Arnon,

That Moab has been despoiled.

21And judgment has come on the level country,

On Holon, and on Jahaza,

And on Mephaath,

22And on Dibon, and on Nebo,

And on Beth-diblathaim,

23And on Kirjathaim, and on Beth-gamul

And on Beth-meon,

24And on Kerioth, and on Bozrah,

And on all the cities of the land of Moab

– Those far off

And those nearby.

25The horn of Moab has been cut off,

And its arm has been broken,

Says the Lord.

26Make it drunk,

For it has exalted itself against the Lord.

But Moab will wallow in its own vomit,

And it too will become a laughing stock.

27And was not Israel a laughing stock to you?

Was it found among thieves?

For every time you speak against it,

You convulse with laughter.

28Leave the cities and dwell in the rock,

You inhabitants of Moab,

And be like a dove;

It builds its nest

At the sides of the mouth of a pit.

29We have heard of the pride of Moab

He is very proud –

His arrogance and his pride and his haughtiness,

And the exaltation of his heart.

30I know,

Says the Lord,

His presumptuousness,

But he is dishonest;

His lies deal dishonestly.

31Which is why I will wail for Moab,

And for all Moab I will cry out,

And for the men of Kir-heres

I will lament.

32O vine of Sibmah,

I will weep for you

With more than the weeping of Jaazer.

Your shoots have crossed the sea;

They have reached the sea of Jaazer.

The plunderer has attacked your summer harvest

And your grape harvest.

33And joy and rejoicing have been taken away

From the cultivated land and from the land of Moab.

And I have put a stop to wine from the wine vats;

They will not tread wine with shouting

– The shouting will be different shouting.

34From the crying out in Heshbon to Elealeh,

And to Jahaz,

They have raised their voice.

From Zoar to Horonaim

– A heifer three years old –

For the waters of Nimrim

Will also become desolations.

35And I will put a stop,

Says the Lord,

To anyone in Moab going up to an idolatrous raised site,

And burning incense to his gods.

36This is why my heart is humming for Moab

Like pipe music for a dirge,

And my heart is humming for the men of Kir-heres

Like pipe music,

Because the wealth which they had accumulated,

Has gone to waste.

37For every head will be bald,

And every beard removed.

On all hands will be incisions,

And around the waist,


38On all the roofs of Moab and in its streets

There will be mourning all round,

For I will have broken Moab

Like an article in which there is no satisfaction,

Says the Lord.

39‘How it is in disarray’,

They will howl,

‘How Moab has turned its back in shame.’

And Moab will be a laughing stock

And a cause of trepidation

To all those around it.

40For this is what the Lord says:

‘Look, he will swoop like an eagle,

And spread his wings over Moab.

41Kerioth will be captured,

And the strongholds will be taken,

And the hearts of the warriors of Moab on that day

Will be like the heart of a woman

In labour pains.

42And Moab will be cut off from being a people,

For it has exalted itself against the Lord.

43Fear, and a pitfall, and a snare

Are looming over you,

You inhabitants of Moab,

Says the Lord.

44And the fugitive from the fear

Will fall into the pit,

And he who comes up out of the pit

Will be caught in the snare,

For I will bring on it

– On Moab –

The year of their visitation,

Says the Lord.

45Those who flee from the invading force

Will stand in the shadow of Heshbon,

But a fire will come out of Heshbon,

And a flame from the midst of Sihon,

And it will consume the sideboards of Moab

And the crown of the head

Of the tumultuous warriors.

46Woe to you, Moab.

The people of Chemosh have been ruined,

For your sons have been taken into captivity,

And your daughters into deportation.

47But I will reverse the captivity of Moab

In the latter days,

Says the Lord.’ ”

That was the judgment on Moab.