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Version 0.31.57, 15 October 2020


Amos Chapter 4

1Hear this word, you heifers of Bashan,

Who are in the mountain of Samaria,

Who oppress the poor,

Who crush the needy,

Who say to their lords,

«Bring wine,

And let us drink.»

2The Lord, the Lord has sworn by his holiness,

For look, the days are coming on you,

When he will take you away by hooks,

And your posterity by fishing tackle.

3And you will go out in waves

One opposite another,

And you will throw the hooks at the palace,

Says the Lord.

4Go to Beth-el and transgress,

And to Gilgal and transgress more.

And bring your sacrifices in the morning,

And within three days bring your tithes.

5And burn your thank-offering with leavened bread,

And call for the freewill-offerings.

Proclaim them,

For that is what you love,

You sons of Israel,

Says the Lord, the Lord.

6Now I myself have given you clean teeth in all your cities,

And shortage of bread in all your places,

Yet you have not returned to me,

Says the Lord.

7And I have also withheld rain from you,

With three months to go before the harvest,

And I brought rain to one city,

But I did not bring rain to another city.

One parcel of land was rained on,

But the parcel of land where I brought no rain

Dried up.

8So the inhabitants of two or three cities had to travel to one city and back

To drink water,

And were not satiated,

Yet you did not return to me,

Says the Lord.

9And I struck you with much blight and mildew

In your gardens and vineyards,

And the gnawing locust ate your fig trees and olive trees,

Yet you did not return to me,

Says the Lord.

10I sent a plague to you,

Egyptian style.

I killed your youths with the sword,

With capture of your horses,

And I caused the stench of your camps to go up into your nostrils,

Yet you did not return to me,

Says the Lord.

11I have caused overthrowings among you,

Like the overthrow of God of Sodom and Gomorrah,

And you became like a firebrand rescued from the fire,

Yet you did not return to me,

Says the Lord.

12So I will deal with you this way,

O Israel.

Now because this is what I will do to you,

Prepare to meet your God,

O Israel.

13For look, he who forms the mountains,

And creates the wind,

And tells man what his purpose is,

Makes dawn darkness,

And treads on the idolatrous raised sites of the land –

The Lord God of hosts is his name.