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Version 0.31.57, 15 October 2020


Amos Chapter 6

1Woe to those at ease in Zion,

And those who trust in the mountain of Samaria

– Those who are designated the foremost of the nations –

To whom the house of Israel came.

2Cross to Calneh and look,

And go from there to Greater Hamath,

And go down to Gath of the Philistines.

Are they are better than these kingdoms,

And is their border greater than your border?

3You who push back the evil day,

But bring forward the seat of violence,

4You who lie on ivory beds,

And stretch out on their couches,

And eat the fatted lambs of the flock,

And calves from the stall,

5Who chant to the sound of the lute,

Who like David invent for themselves musical instruments,

6Who drink from sacrificial wine dishes,

And anoint themselves with prime oils,

And who are not grieved

By the break-up of Joseph.

7That is why they will now go into captivity,

At the head of the body of captives.

And the merrymaking of those reclining

Will be gone.’

8The Lord, the Lord has sworn by himself,

Says the Lord God of hosts,

‘I abhor the pride of Jacob,

And I hate his palaces,

So I will deliver up the city

And its fulness.’

9And it will come to pass, if ten men remain in one house, they will die. 10And a man's uncle will take him aside, as will his cremator, to take the bones out from the house, and he will say to anyone who is at the sides of the house, ‘Are there any more with you?’ And he will say, ‘None.’ And he will say, ‘Keep quiet, for it is not the time to make mention of the name of the Lord.’

11For look, the Lord commands,

And strikes a large house into fragments,

And a small house into split stone.

12Do horses run on a rock,

Or does anyone plough it with oxen?

For you have turned justice into hemlock,

And the fruit of righteousness into wormwood.

13You rejoice in a thing of no substance,

Saying, ‘Did we not acquire our prestigious position

Through our own strength?’

14For look, I am about to raise a nation up against you,

O house of Israel,

Says the Lord God of hosts,

And they will oppress you,

So that you cannot go to Hamath,

Or anywhere up to the brook of the arid tract.”