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We have converted the original Greek files to our GGTEphesian.ttf font coding. The Greek files are less than 2.5 MB in size.

The provenance is koti.24.fi/jusalak/GreekNT/NTTexts.htm but this has been defunct from about 2012 to the present (2018 at time of writing).

Greek, New Testament

GGTEphesian Notes
Robinson-Pierpont 2005
Robinson-Pierpont 2005
lower case, no diacritics,
no punctuation.
Useful for Greek text search
αβγδ εζηθ ικλμ
abgd ezhq iklm
νξοπ ρστυ φχψω ς
ncop rstu fxyw j
Robinson-Pierpont 2005
with corrections
Stephanus 1550
Elzevir 1624
Scrivener 1894

See our fonts page for the fonts you need (GGTEphesian etc.) and change font simply by selecting all the text in your word processor (usually CTRL/A) and selecting a different font from the font drop-down box.

See the Introduction to our translation for detail of the corrections we have made.

Additional material on Greek texts

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The Hebrew text is available in the translation area.